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Multiple Full Stall Dog Kennels


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Inside Outside Multiple Dog Kennels


Multiple Playzone Dog Kennels

Our kennels have a round top panel to accommodate our optional form-fitting heavy-duty canvas top covers; ensuring that they will not tear and will last for years. Our Canvas Tops keep your dog protected from the sun, wind, rain, and snow. Plus or exclusive Digging Prevention System ensures that your pet does not dig out or run away and get lost. Bailing your dog out of jail can get expensive!
K9 Kennels offers you practically unlimited configurations–The typical kennels offered today limit the consumer to buying only the standard sizes available. K9 Kennels' Modular Kennel System enables the consumer to create virtually any configuration from simple one-pet kennels to designs for multiple containment's for an unlimited number of pets.
Have a unique space or need something different? Whether you run a boarding kennel business, veterinary clinic or want to design a modular kennel system, contact us for all of your custom built needs. Have us build your custom dog kennels to your specifications!
K9 Kennels Great Appeal–Consumers care about the appearance of the kennel they erect on their property. K9 Kennels provides a better choice that looks great in any backyard!
Purchasing a multiple dog kennel set-up can be a major investment for any business, even more so if you are looking to order kennels for your rescue facility or non-profit organization. We understand that, and that's why we directly manufacture the best dog kennel for sale on the market, with a sharp focus on quality and kennel panel longevity.
The process of designing, testing and perfecting our kennel panels is something that we take very seriously. Our goal is to ensure that not only do we manufacture the toughest and most resilient dog kennel on the market, but also the safest. We truly want to protect your furry, four-legged visitors because others are counting on you to care for these dogs.
Our kennel panels are totally modular (meaning that you can easily change the size or shape of your dog kennel set-up at any time), feature an industry-best 14 gauge steel frame and our exclusive climb and chew-resistant 6 gauge welded wire mesh design, both of which are coated from the inside-out with a thick and protective hot-dipped galvanized finish on our kennel pro series. Our kennel door opens inward and outward, and our gravity lockable latch is totally dog-proof.
We can manufacture your custom kennel right here in Ogden Utah. using the most skilled craftsmen at our disposal. This allows us total control over design and ultimate kennel quality control.
Our Kennel Systems for multiple dogs come in large variety of sizes and configurations. We can also build a custom dog kennel to suite your needs if you don't see the option that you're looking for.


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