Multiple Play Zones



K9 Kennel Store's Professional Play Zone's are a great and safe way to interact with your dogs. It allows you to have a place to keep dogs separated securely when moving from one place to another. Great for training, breeding or any other situation where you may need to work with multiple animals and then separate them for individual attention.

Our Play Zones for Professionals are a perfect option for dog trainers who need an area to train several dogs, but at the same time might need to isolate one or two for a moment. Another great use for the Play Zone is as a breeding kennel that allows you to keep the dogs separated until you, the breeder, choose to have them in the same area.

Every breed of dog requires exercise and play to keep them happy and healthy, and you know they deserve it, so why not have some fun making a special play area for them outside of your home, in the backyard. It doesn't have to take up much space, or it can be as big as you like. Obviously the size of the play area will depend on the size of the dog as well. A Chihuahua will not need a huge yard to exercise in, while a border collie will benefit from a large running space.

A good place to start when creating your dog's play area is to take a look at where you plan to have the play area.  How much space will you allocate for the play area? K9 Kennels' offers several options for this. We offer sizes from 8' X8' Play Zones, all the way up to a 36' X 24' Deluxe Play Zone.

When deciding how large a Play Zone you will need, consider everything you will want to have included inside of it. For example you might like a fountain with a large base for your small dog to swim in. Other equipment you might use include dog ramps, dog tunnels, a sand pit, a doggie tent that your pet can go in for a break from the sun or even a doggie obstacle course.


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