XXL Heavy Duty Dog House Den

In stock


  • Chew Resistant
  • All Welded Steel Exterior
  • All Wood Interior
  • 1.25" R-5 Insulation
  • Powder coated Tuff
  • 150-200 LBS
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Fully Assembled
  • Accommodate dogs 150 LBS
  • Raised 4” Bottom for Insulation
  • * Optional Heating Pad
  • * Optional Dog Door

Exterior (in)                Interior (in)               Door (in)

Size                   L          W         H             L        W        H            W          H  

XXLarge        53.0     46.0     37.0     41.5    32.0     30.0       16.0    18.0

The dog house is the most common thing that comes to mind when thinking about where the dog should stay. For dogs that were originally den dwellers, the dog house is where they will be most comfortable, since the closed space resembles a den, and this is where they feel most secure and safe. Finding the best dog house for your canine friend is therefore very important. Here at K9 Kennel Store, your dog's happiness is our concern. We build the best kennels in the country at competitive prices. Our experts have spent great time and effort to bring you the heavy duty dog house to fit all the needs of even the most professional kennel owner. Our dog houses are built to withstand and protect your dog form the weather. Check out our Heavy Duty Dog Den with welded steel exterior and all-wood interior with full insulation. Choose from collection of beautifully designed dog houses. It's easy to assemble with no tools needed and is easy cleaning and maintenance free. The dog house is where your dog will spend most of its time, so choose wisely. With K9 Kennels, you can never go wrong.

K9 Kennel Large Heavy Duty Dog Den is the perfect edition to your kennel. Our specialist has spent the time and effort to build a dog house to fit all needs for even the most professional Kennel owner. This Dog House is made of all steel (all welded, not bolted together) and then powder coated for superior weather protection. Weather damage is a major cause of dog house wear. The All steel exterior prevents chewing which is another one of the most common way a dog house is destroyed. K9 Kennels Heavy Duty Dog Den has an adjustable ventilation roof for hot summer days. Completely sealed and has 1.25" fully insulation walls, roof and floor for those cold winter days. The floor of the dog house is raise 4" inches off the ground for extra insulation so in a bad weather situation water and melting snow will not flow into the dog house. The K9 Heavy Duty Dog house also has great options available such as our electric heating pad to keep your pet warm during those very cold winters. We also have the optional plastic door to keep wind, cold and rain out of the dog house. The flat roof allows for your dog to lounge on top of the dog house. Many dogs like to spend time on the house, this will give you more usable square footage in your kennel. K9 Kennels Heavy Duty Dog Den roof is hinged allowing you to lift it up to clean or get to new born puppies easily.


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