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K9 Kennel Store cage banks and cage bank kits are recommended by veterinarians, groomers and other pet professionals. Kennel cage banks allow for space and volume versatility as your pet care business grow and expands. Compared to other cages on the market these are the best buy for your dolla


If you're looking for a variety of secure animal storage options you in the right place. The k9 kennels professional modular cages and kits are the most customizable and reliable choice available. Our basic modular versions come in both graphite and sandstone finishes are modular and come in three sizes small, medium and large. The large cages have duel doors, duel trays and duel floor grates. An optional divider panel instantly and easily converts the one large cage into two smaller ones. The spring loaded doors on the modular cages are removable and feature a heavy duty locking latch surrounded by close wire spacing to prevent pet escape. The modular cages are made of solid zinc plated 20 gauge steel with a powder coated clean white finish. Create your own cage bank configuration by mixing and matching the individual cages. Simply use our cage connector brackets to secure cages and cage banks together. Or choose form our pre-configured cage bank kits in four options. The three unit cage bank includes one large cage on the bottom and two medium cages on the top. The six unit kit includes two large cages on the bottom and four medium cages on the top. The 11 unit cage kit includes two large cages on the bottom, two medium cages in the middle and five small cages on top. And finally the 13 cage kit comes with four medium cages on the bottom, four medium cages in the middle and five small cages on the top.  All cage banks come with connectors and a kennel card holder. If you are looking for mobility attach our rolling cage base with wheels for quick and easy rearranging.


Now for a more professional or veterinarian setting we offer the stainless steel cage bank systems. As with our basic modular cage banks the Pro stainless steel comes in three sizes also small, medium and large. The stainless steel cage banks also offer all the same great features the basic modular cage banks. The advantage is this is allowed in medical environments because it is made of 304 type stainless steel. It is bacteria resistant and easy to clean. It is guaranteed not to rust for 10 years and can be mixed and matched with our basic cage bank kits.


The Best Of Best Professional S/S Modular Cage Rounded corners and solid walls eliminate areas where germs can grow, leading to a better and more hygienic environment; easy to maintain the area sterilized and clean. Top class SUS304 stainless steel material provides a long service life. Single hand locking system makes it easy to carry a dog out and lock the door at the same time. Strong front door made of 8mm and 6mm stainless steel rods makes for a safe and secure area; other options are available  (i.e. transparent doors for therapy purposes).


The newest addition to the our cage line, KA-510 fiberglass cage, has been developed to look great, work functionally, and outlast the average stainless steel modular cages in the market. The fiberglass unit is constructed from smooth molds that provide added strength, made them resistant to scratching, make them easy to clean and provides a healthy living environment for the animals. All our various sized fiberglass cages are fully assembled and ready for years of use. They are shipped as one piece. Fiberglass is easy to clean and maintain. Less Labor Cost incurred in its maintenance. 5cm (2") large radius round corners and our fluid retaining lip make clean-up easier and allows for a much healthier kennel environment. Do not need to move the waste tray out to clean in the traditional way; just spraying water inside and let waste water run out through the drainage system. Cleaning has never been this easy before. Sturdy; Long Lasting; Durable. Constructed of 4-5mm thick, high strength fiberglass material. The same thickness as fiberglass used in Yacht construction ensures extended cage life. Reinforcing strips have been added on each side to ensure unbeatable strength. Strong and Secure Door Locking System. Comes standard with dual point self-latching doors; the narrow tolerance spacing between the vertical rod and latch opening makes these extremely quiet (even when dogs' are pawing against the door). 8mm diameter frame, 6mm vertical rods and 8mm cross members; together create a safe bank of cages. More Functional, A Complete Working Station. Pre-installed spray head and hose, drainage with filter and power supply sockets, make it not merely a cage but a multi-functional working station. Anesthesia machine, oxygen machine, heating panel, etc.; all electric appliance could be plugged into the power sockets and hung up to horizontal rods in the middle of the door.

Optional curtain could also be attached onto the front door via the U shape bends to block out direct sunshine and turn it into a wind free shelter. Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. 3 different sizes offer several configurations options, 2L+4M+5S, 1L+4M, 2L+10S, etc. Each cage could be divided into two compartments, up and down, allowing the double-deck cage to hold more small breeds or puppies when needed. Special shelves available for cats and small animals. Ample Customizing Choices. Accessories: Floor grate, waste tray, middle grid (for use as central divider)? grid rest shelf, transparent door with thermometer and hygrometer, cloth curtain, caster wheel roller bases for each size, wire pipe and water pipe in different lengths, elbow and T connectors, etc. All the extra accessories make the cage very functional and useful for various applications.


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