Wall Mounted Folding Dog Kennel

In stock



  • (2) Aniti Fight Panels
  • (1) Door Panel
  • (8) Securing Pins
  • (4) Wall Mount Brackets
  • (3) Locking Casters

Dog Daycare wall mounted folding dog kennel from K9 Kennel Store creates customized spaces and flexible room dimensions. Popular in doggie day care, this folding panel system can be stores out of the way of the room as needed to create flexible play spaces, which can be ideal for separating larger and smaller dogs during open play time. Isolation panels come in our standard sizes. They can be built with a door to easily allow staff access to either side of the play areas. Additionally, the divider panels are on casters, making it easy to wheel them into multiple configurations. The result is a colorful, economical way to divide spaces without requiring permanent walls. These room divide panels are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) It's similar to cutting board material and has many benefits. It is abrasion, moisture, stain and odor resistant, FDA, NSF and USDA approved for its closely packed structure and chemical resistance. It's an ideal application for dog day care equipment which will endure daily abuse from the dogs and daily cleaning from their keepers. We use a special thickness which yields high impact strength and resists scratching. We offer these dog kennel panels in 4 standard colors, blue, red, green and white.


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