We strive to give our customers the best dog house and dog run combination packages for a great price. You can select your favorite dog house we offer along with and dog run style and size that best suits your budget or needs.

Here you will find one of the best designed dog house / Dog Run combination packages on the market. What makes this basic kennel package so great, is it saves precious real-estate inside the dog run by moving the dog house to the outside of the kennel providing your pet with more space to exercise and play. It also prevents dogs from getting onto of the dog house and jumping out of the kennel.

The K9 Cube Dog House

The Cube dog house is designed to work nicely with all K9 kenneling systems.

The Cube dog house a has a nice sleek design with an exterior aluminum skin for protection from the elements and a wood interior to give it that homey cozy feel., Every dog house has ¾” foam insulation to keep your pet comfortable in those cold winter months. The door is located to one side of the dog house so your dog can sleep comfortably on the other side to avoid direct drafts. Each dog house has a vent for air circulation in those hot summer months. It has a flat top for the dog to lounge on. Or it can be located on the outside of the kennel to save room inside the run. The hinge lid also provides easy access to the inside of the dog house.


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