European Style Dog Kennel / Run

This European Style Dog Kennel / Run, is great for the following reasons:

  • Dogs cannot climb out (no rungs like a ladder for climbing)
  • Looks attractive
  • Virtually Indestructible & strong panels that are built to last.
  • Home owners association friendly (in most cases)
  • Great for larger dogs
  • Fits in smaller spaces such as under porches, car ports and in garages
  • No Mesh for less obstruction to see your pet.
  • Compatible with our weatherproof Cover and frames

Some reasons why you might want to consider buying a European dog kennel. These kennels are impossible for a dog to climb. They do not have horizontal bars like a ladder for a dog to gain a foothold (paw-hold) to climb. They look great in your yard and like a rod iron fence or railing. *Making them more attractive for "home owner associations" to accept. The European Style is a very strong kennel panels that are virtually Indestructible and built to last. Our European kennel system is one of the best when it comes to safe containment for your pet. The clean lines of the panels - no sharp edges and Black Powder coat finish are perfect for any setting. Individual Panels & Gates are 5ft Wide & 6ft High. With 2 1/2 in. vertical upright spacing - this panel MAY NOT be ideal for your Smaller breed and/or Puppy - however it is suitable for all other Dog Containment needs. Always insure your Pet is properly trained to enjoy their personal kennel - prior to use. This Modular panel system allows you to customize your layout to suit your pet's needs for comfort.

Optional waterproof and UV protective grey or black gable cover and frame for protection from the elements.

* Please note that each home owner associations have different regulations. You will need to check with your association before purchasing.

  • 60" wide x 72" high (includes 1" footers) modular panels allow for multiple configurations - almost anything that you can design!
  • Easy-clamp assembly provides multiple ways and maximum strength.
  • 6 ft high set-ups.
  • 5 1/2 inch tube frame - 5/8 inch upright tubes - 6 1/2 inch tube frame - 5/8 inch upright tubes 34 3/4 inch wide gate opening
  • Infill vertical tubing has 2 1/2 inch spacing
  • 33 3/4 inch wide gate opening
  • Stabilizer bar welded at 33 inches from bottom
  • Entire panel is welded
  • No sharp edges for animal safety
  • Black tube caps in top of frame
  • Color: Black
  • Optional waterproof grey or black cover and frame
  • Walk-through door for 6' high gate panel set-up.
  • 1-inch extended legs for easy cleaning
  • Lockable steel door latch is pet-proof
  • Door hinges stay firmly in place
  • Two-step powder coated process- resists rust
  • Undercoat is Zinc-enriched primer
  • Topcoat is polyester powder coat - black
  • No breakable plastic parts, safe and durable


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