In-Ground Dog Kennel Septic Tank

In stock


  • Simple assembly required.
  • Foot operated lid for easy use.
  • Handles dog waste for one large dog or two small dogs.
  • Comes With Starter Enzyme.


In-Ground Septic Tank is an excellent dog waste disposal system. Like a miniature septic tank, the Septic Tank automatically converts dog waste into a liquid that can safely be absorbed into the ground. Fast, clean and sanitary, this dog septic system is also insect- and odor-free. Easy to install and suitable for any soil but hard clay. This large dog waste septic system will save you time and save your nose from those awful dog waste smells. This large capacity septic system is installed into the ground and works in concert with the included waste terminating enzymes to liquefy and disappear your dog waste. Just pop the lip open with a free foot, and drop the waste in, then just occasionally add some waste enzymes and water to fully dispose of your dog waste! No more of those bags and stinky trash cans around your house! Make short work of your dog's business -- the safe, clean natural way with this dog septic system.


How do I keep my dog kennel from smelling?


You have to keep your dog's surroundings clean to keep him healthy. Sanitation is of the utmost importance to the dedicated dog owner. As such, you have to clean the dog run regularly of your dog's leavings or waste.


Taking care of waste is a very important part in raising a dog. You have to always keep the place where your dog stays clean and waste-free to prevent diseases and foul odors, (and to also keep you from having a bad day due to stepping on a land mine!) The K9 Kennels' Septic System is the answer to dog sanitation needs. This doggie septic system keeps dog waste away from your kennel and, while at the same time eliminating the bad odor. Just bury the dog waste disposal system on the ground a good distance away from your main kennel area, and scoop the leavings with the K9 Dog Waste Scooper, then simply drop it in the tank. It is safe and clean so you don't need those stinky plastic bags or trashcans anymore.  You can also get K9 Waste Enzymes from our store, which are a very important part of the disposal system. These K9 Waste Enzymes are bacteria that turn dog waste into liquid so that it can harmlessly return to the soil. It is safe for children, plants and animals.


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