Dog Mushing/Joring Scooter & Pulling Bracket

In stock

  • Large Aluminum Foot Plate
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Cargo Rack
  • Wheel Guard
  • Disk Brakes
  • 20" Tires
  • 46 Lbs
  • Can be used most anywhere
  • Adjustable Pulling Bracket Not Included
  • Harness Not Included
  • Assembly & Tools Required
  • Your Dog Gets Exercise
  • Creates Better Dog Behavior
  • Gives Your Dog A Job
  • Total people control
  • Quick to hook up your dog
  • User friendly
  • No lines to tangle
  • 250Lb Weight Limit

Urban mushing is a free-form activity you can do and still keep your dog on his leash: Most cities don't allow dogs in the community without a leash. Many  dog owners enjoy playing with their dogs. Sports such as Fetch, Frisbee, Fly-ball, and Agility, are leash-less sports, and therefore can be difficult to do with your dog on a regular basis. With the K9 scooter you can spend quality time with your dog, let him or her burn off some energy while you can too if you like. But best of all it's just plain fun!

The K9 scooter is the right tool for the job because it has been specifically designed for the sport of urban mushing.
How are K9 scooters built specifically for urban mushing? First of all, this isn't a child's toy that will wear out or break in a few months. These are large scooters built for the sport of urban mushing that can handle the weight of an adult male.

They are constructed with large 20" wheels for a smoother ride, less rolling resistance and better obstacle rollover. Standard front suspension absorbs bumps for a comfortable ride.

Dual disc brakes ensure stopping even in wet or dirty conditions. Typical V-Brakes work by compressing rubber pads against the rim, however if the rims get wet or dusty they become weak and ineffective. Disc brakes work by compressing disks against a rotor mounted on the hub of your wheel similar to brakes on an automobile. They are much stronger than the normal V-Brakes especially in wet conditions. They last longer and frankly, they just look cool/good. The primary advantage, however, is that disc brakes provide reliable stopping power in all conditions; which could be crucial if your dog is continuing to pull when you need to stop. With disc brakes the operator can stop both scooter and dog instantly if the situation requires. 
K9 scooters can be used on the street and on the dirt. They are moderately low for easy 'Kicking', yet have enough ground clearance for off road use.

The deck area is a huge. Have you ever tried to ride some of the scooters now days? There's only enough room for 1 foot! Our large 7" x 24" platform allows the rider to stand with both feet on the scooter, side by side, or with one foot in front of the other. Either way there's tons of room.

The cargo rack is a convenient place to carry a water canteen, treats, groceries or other necessities. But the greatest thing that you probably have already noticed, is the adjustable seat. It's so nice to be able to sit down and rest the leg muscles while just enjoying the ride. The seat is fully adjustable to accommodate all riders. It can be adjusted forward and backward, up and down, or to a different angle. Having a seat makes riding so much more fun and no other urban mushing scooter offers one.

A wheel guard protects the dog from getting into the spokes and fenders control any water flipping up on to your body. All of this, plus the kick stand, comes standard on the k9 scooter.

The side pull 'dog bar' is adjustable to fit most any size dog and can swing back out of the way when not in use, or for storage. Plus it comes with a protective pad to prevent scratching parked vehicles. The bar can be mounted on either side to accommodate left foot or right foot 'kicking'. The clips that attach the harness to the bar are stretchable to dampen the motion of the dog relative to the scooter. Plus additional pull bars can be added at any time to accommodate multiple dogs at once.

The harnesses come in 6 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double Extra Large and Triple Extra Large. They are designed to be used for either the side pull dog bar or for front pull with a tug line.

An optional tandem out rigger can be transformed into two styles, Inline or Double Sided.
Inline tandem is ideal for narrow trails and sidewalks,
Double sided tandem is more stable, however it is wider and not suitable for narrow paths.


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